“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi

10 minutes jumping

B: apple skins, and a smoothie: 2 bananas, coconut water, mesquite, cacao powder, chia seeds and arugula. oh my this was amazing!!

eliot and i had a blast making almond mylk today! it was so much fun squeezing out the frothy white mylk from the nut mylk bag. then i asked him if he'd like to make it chocolate or strawberry? he chose strawberry and we were on our way. he helped me tear the pits out of 5 dates, splash the banana in the blender, and add the strawberries. we blended in the noisy amazing blendtec until it was perfect. and then the biggest miracle, he had his own glass! with a pink bunny reusable straw i bought at target!!  i want to make it every day and let him choose the flavors. we used to go to que sa raw sa raw in burlingame, california. the owner, alicia makes this lovely banana almond milk that we drank together all the time. so this is fantastic!

e's also been super great at running to the toilet and getting it all in, ha!

last night and today all he wanted was to go to the disney store and pick out a toy. so we get there and he's wandering around, he sees the peter pan bow and arrow set and it comes with a peter pan hat. he was immediately saying, "this is what i want." he's very decisive. however as we walked around a bit more he says, "you know i think i went pee pee on the toilet maybe 2 or 3 times so i think i get to pick out another toy." so smart this one. so he picks out another toy.

after i buy his presents we're still at the counter and he's putting the strap around him that holds the arrows, bow in hand, and hat on his head. he really already looks like peter pan to me and this is too much. it took forever to get out of the mall because he attracted so much attention from the cuteness. i especially love the older people, they were so gentle and sweet with him today. one lady said he looked like a super hero. i thought eliot would burst with pride.

s: grapefruit blended with coconut water

L: taco salad with spicy walnut taco "meat", avocado, 1/2 squeezed lime, 1/2 squeezed lemon, 2 stalks of celery and mango salsa

3 mile run, 7 minute weights, 5 min bouncing, 7 min weights, and stretch

s: more coconut water and grapefruit smoothie

D: zucchini pasta- my new fav with even more of the grapefruit smoothie

i just have to mention martha stewart, mena wrote about her blog a couple days ago: http://www.dollarshort.org/ds/

martha has posted new pics of her dog paw paw's final resting place. and it is so beautiful and touching. what lucky love and family they provide for each other, animal and human: http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/martha/2008/04/my-beauty-paw-p.html

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