***Meditation and yoga. I've been spending time upside down every day. In a handstand of course! I still have to prop my feet against a wall but I take long deep breaths and try to stay upside down as long as I can. This is usually my last yoga pose when my body is nice and warm. I highly recommend it.
*Green smoothie- 32 oz- arugula, chia seeds, water, msm, lucuma, goji berries, bananas, and blueberries. Lucuma gives the most amazing texture, especially with bananas. For lack of a better word, lucuma makes my smoothies and shakes "fluffy" which is awesome.
*Green smoothie- I wanted another! I made about 30 ounces half fro now and the other half for after my workout! Collards- about five, cherries, bananas, lucuma, cacao, and cacao nibs.
***Gym- 20 minutes 15% incline on treadmill at 3.5 speed, boot camp class, and 3 minutes rowing machine- 30 secinds palm up then 30 seconds palm down.
*Remainding 15 ounces of my collards smoothie with one scoop of spirulina.
*One whole cucumber sliced into little "chips" dipped into mashed avocado, cilantro and salsa mix. Grape kombucha and a Coracao chocolate. My Mother's day gifts arrived today- a box of Caracao chocolates and a case of peanut butter with six different kinds! Goodness, so not raw but they are vegan!

Chia seeds from The Raw Food World:

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