i couldn't wait for monday to exercise: 10 minutes trampoline, 2 minutes weights, 10 min tramp, 2 min weights, 15 min tramp, ran outside up my street to some stairs- 5x up and down, ran home. just under 60 stairs in a set.


B: the rest of my flourless chocolate cake, blueberries, and a banana chopped up.

L: restaurant called jam on hawthorne highly recommended for yummy food and service- oatmeal chai blueberry vegan pancakes. i was craving these for awhile- not raw! oh my they kept me really full for a very very long time!

summer, my sister-in-law, and i went to see kit pistol at seaplane today. she was super sweet and cute and she started a conversation with us commenting on how cute we looked, so fun! she gave us each a cute postcard that she signed i heart ami! love kit pistol! and she helped each of us pick out a bow clip that we both ended up purchasing. yes, that means 6 days into my own challenge i failed! lame. but i'm back in the game. there are no further events to tempt me and i won't be headed to any sales or shops. my intention is to drop this bad habit. moving on… i told you i needed support.

S: apple

D: walnut taco "meat" from the glorious goneraw.com recipe section, on two heads of romaine, an avocado and salsa. that stuff is brilliant, really tasty.


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